Office Furniture Removals

Our office removal teams specialise in the dismantling and reassembling of desks, screens, multifile units and shelving. Every relocation is supervised, with specialist teams ensuring that fitting devices are not lost or damaged and that all items are correctly matched for the swiftest possible reconstruction. Electronic equipment and other hardware require special attention to avoid damage. Computers are packed by our expert team and arrive safely at their destination in air suspension vehicles. Factory machinery is relocated to your new premises with the utmost care and attention.

National Move Process – Office Furniture Removal

There is no doubt that moving is a stressful experience, with careful planning and preparation, much of this stress can be alleviated. As moving experts we have put together a comprehensive plan to guide and support you through every step of your move. We will allocate a single point of contact to keep you updated on your move at all times and to be available for any questions you might have. 

Pre-Move Survey

The first stage of the process is a scheduled visit to your office by one of our consultants, who will provide you with a free non-obligation pre-move estimate. Our consultant will gain a full understanding of your requirements and offer you the service to match your needs. He or she will draw up an inventory of your office furniture removals and provide you with with a quotation. Our Consultants are highly trained and able to respond to any special move requirements, questions or concerns that you might have.

Scheduling Your Move

Your L&M Removals move co-ordinator will contact you to follow up on your quotation, assist you with your booking and answer any additional questions. Once you have finalised your move date and contact details, your co-ordinator will send you a written confirmation of your booking.

Leading up to Your Move

Our aim is to ensure that all is progressing as it should and you are happy with the service you are receiving. Your move co-ordinator is there to ensure that we meet your expectations and answer all your questions throughout your move.

Packing and Loading

Your L&M Removals supervisor will manage the handling of your office furniture removal with the utmost care and consideration during your move day. This includes:

  • The use of protective coverings to protect your home and possessions.
  • Careful packing and loading of your goods into the vehicle

If you are unable to be present during your move you will need to arrange for an authorised friend or family member to be present during the packing and loading.

Inventory and Condition Report

Your L&M Removals supervisor will carry out a comprehensive inventory of your items, which will also include a description, and a record of any existing damages. It is suggested that you accompany the supervisor as he records the inventory and point out any items that will need special handling. You will need to sign the inventory as confirmation of the items loaded and their condition. The supervisor will sign the form and provide you with a copy for your records. You may find this form useful when you reach your new home. 


Contact your move co-ordinator as soon as you have reached your new home. This is particularly important if you are undertaking a long distance move. It is a great idea to provide your movers with a floor plan of where you would like your belongings to be unpacked. Use the Customer Inventory form to mark off the items and their condition as they are being brought in. Record any damage on your form and notify your move co-ordinator. Any items dismantled by the driver and moving staff will be reassembled to their original state. Following the move, your co-ordinator will address any concerns that you have and if required, guide you through the process of filing an insurance claim for damaged items.


Unless credit has been arranged in advance, payment will be required prior to the moving day. Any additional expenses are to be paid to the supervisor on the moving day, for which you will receive a receipt. You will also need to pay any expenses that may be due if your belongings have been placed in storage. 


Your office furniture removals possessions will be unpacked and the packing team will dispose of the used packing materials.

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